Snarkclaw Snarkclaw: Art And Comics by Sheryl Schopfer. Illustrations include characters from Deer Me and Sharpclaw, plus fan art, mostly in a cartoony style.

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Brief Notes

Deer Me

I figured out most character statuses I want to achieve before I end the comic. This does not mean that Deer Me shall end anytime soon. It means that I have ending goals towards which I want to work. Deer Me started as an impulse project for which I had no original vision... which also means I had no plans for an ending. I dislike series that just fizzle or end abruptly, and realized I wanted to give the Deer Me characters good "And they lived happily ever after" situations in their lives. I figured many of those out this past month, which helps give the comic direction going forward. How long shall I take to achieve all these resolutions? In the immortal words of the Critical Drinker: "Don't know!"

Twitter (a.k.a. X)

Twitter (a.k.a X) sucks. It always has and it always shall. I have been using it again this year, and Twitter locked me out of my account for no known reason at the start of June, requiring that I "prove I am human" with one of those stupid tests that it repeatedly made me redo, even after successful completions. When I contacted Support, I was told to provide a telephone number to "resolve the issue." No. If I ever regain my account, then I shall clear it out to leave Twitter completely. If you follow me there, then please follow my websites' RSS feeds instead. If I follow you there and suddenly stopped, then know it is not you; it is Twitter itself.

Cara (And PixelFed)

On the same day Twitter tried to extort me for my telephone number, in a completely unrelated event, I learned of Cara, a new website that is like a mash-up of Instagram and ArtStation. Posting is much like posting to Twitter -- text posts with optional image or video uploads -- and browsing the feed is much like scrolling through Twitter or Instagram. However, artists can mark specific posts as "portfolio," enabling a professional portfolio like on ArtStation (which, like Twitter, also uses underhanded tactics to force you to provide a telephone number, FYI).

Like many artists, I am wary and tired of new websites, but Cara looks to fill the niche I have been seeking for years: a gallery where I can follow artists for their art without an algorithm or the government determining what I see. Furry galleries still manage that, too, but the topic is more limited than I prefer.

I have posted images to Cara, but intend to be there as a viewer more than as a creator. Still, here is my profile for anyone interested in connecting there. I also still use another Instagram-wannabe, PixelFed, but my interest in PixelFed has long been waning.

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