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Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Wow, May sure zipped by. This past month felt as short as its name. At least I got to visit the Scarborough Renaissance Festival this month!

My first Ren faire in Missoula decades ago was more of a themed craft fair that could be fully viewed within an hour or two. The Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire was much larger and more involved, with several shows as well as an enormous shopping section I barely ever explored, despite attending the fair multiple times. The Saint Louis Renaissance Festival really wowed me with a gorgeous setting that included permanent buildings. I also found one or two smaller fairs that seemed more like that first fair in Missoula. With those experiences, I deemed myself a pretty savvy Ren faire attendee who was well prepared for the Scarborough Renaissance Festival. After all, this apparently is not even the big Ren faire in Texas.

If Scarborough Renaissance Festival is not the big Ren faire of Texas, then I doubt I could handle attending the big Ren faire. Scarborough Renaissance Festival is huge! It is split into three sections, two of which each can easily take at least two days (again, per section) to fully experience and the third section... I only briefly visited the third, but it could probably be fully experienced within one day. Still, that means this Ren faire would take at least three weekends to fully experience... and I am probably underestimating, since I do not shop much, and there are many vendors to shop.

I mainly visit Ren faires for the acts, and there were many excellent acts. Most were music performers, though I also saw some comedy and acrobatics. I added so many albums to my music library and finally heard a version of The Parting Glass that I actually like. The Parting Glass is a pretty song, but always performed slowly and usually feels dragged out to me. The Iron Hill Vagabonds gave it just enough of a kick to perform it at the pace I have always felt it should have... so of course they were the one music act not selling music at the Ren faire.

Artistically, this was not the month I meant for it to have been. The only comic pages I did this month will be released later, because they are for a project that has not published yet. In good creative news, at least, I am piecing together several various Deer Me ideas I have floating around. With the unintentionally long hiatus, it is probably hard to believe that I actually have more Deer Me story ideas, but I genuinely do, and I am excited about how I am finally fitting them together... and want to start sharing that vision with you.

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